John Hay Enterprises LLC

Carbon Fiber Tailpiece


Bright and punchy!

Our Carbon Fiber Tailpiece is extremely lightweight (less than 1/4 of a standard ebony tailpiece), and a definite sound changer. It is one of two carbon fiber tailpieces currently on the market and is the only one that allows for precise weight adjustment.

The fact is that nothing on your bass moves more than the tailpiece, but if you can reduce the amount of tailpiece movement, you can increase the vibration (sound) coming from the bass itself. The Carbon Fiber Tailpiece gives you the ability to fine-tune the weight of your tailpiece AND where that weight goes on the tailpiece.  Being able to locate the weight exactly is a vital link to balancing the vibration path (very much like a tire gets balanced at an auto shop) to find the sweet spot.  This process is quick to do and easy to adjust.

See our tailpieces being built!