John Hay Enterprises LLC

About Me

Hello! I’m John Hay, luthier, and life-long lover of music.  

I grew up surrounded by music and have been woodworking and inventing musical solutions since I was in high school.  I know what musicians’ lives are like. Good musicians are hardworking, spending hours and hours practicing, and my goal is to support them with the best quality products. No one wants to be struggling with an instrument to get their sound right.

My older brother, Dave Hay, was what you’d call a “musicians’ musician.” He was a first-call session musician and played with some extremely respectable musicians. One of my other brothers (I have 5) is also a professional musician on Broadway playing low brass. 

As for me, I started wood carving in high school and then went on to study with several master craftsmen. This includes John Myzak (he did the wood carvings in the US Supreme Court’s main courtroom), as well as the Doerr Brothers, Ray and Keith, who were skilled violin-makers. 

Over the years I have also joined various industry-related groups and am a member of the following: 

  • Oberlin Bass Workshop Group
  • International Society of Bassists
  • Soul Bass Build (SBB)

The last thing that you need is an instrument that is fighting you.  I have always considered myself to be an inventor – finding solutions to the musicians’ problems and seeking out ways to help you play better.

Let’s make your music sound the best it possibly can!