John Hay Enterprises LLC

BeginPin Plus


The Adjustable BeginPin Option that changes the game!
Quick, no-drill installation, reversible, and easy to change out. The BeginPin Plus is similar to the BeginPin with the added advantage of angle adjustment. This gives you the option of playing while seated and certainly gives better access to the thumb position.

“Measure twice and drill once”
The BeginPin Plus can also be used by professional luthiers to establish the correct angle for more permanent installation of endpins such as the “Laborie” style. Customers who ask for traditional angled endpins often are unsure of what their exact angle measurement should be, leaving the luthier to guess. This can be a risky procedure because traditional endpins require luthiers to drill a permanent hole into the bass. Using the BeginPin Plus takes the guesswork out of the equation, making it an ideal tool for fellow luthiers to keep handy in their shops.

Note:  The Carbon Fiber Adjustable Angle Peg can be fit to any existing BeginPin