John Hay Enterprises LLC



The innovative endpin replacement.

The bass endpin is an accessory that holds the bass upright, but often they slip, they rattle, and their heavy weight ruins your tone! The BeginPin fixes all of this. Once you’ve tried it, you will never use any other endpin again! 

Our BeginPin is an endpin for bass that has been tested at the Oberlin College Bass Workshop in 2014 where we confirmed its effectiveness on the sound and feel of the bass.

The BeginPin gives you a profound difference in the tone of your instrument and the way it plays by freeing up your bass to increase vibration and therefore overall volume.

There are over a dozen exotic wood and super lightweight carbon fiber pegs that fit the BeginPin and adjust the sound.  Pegs are easy to switch out and height adjustments are infinite, making the process of dialing into the best sound quickly and easy.

The BeginPin weighs about 1/4 the heft of most standard bass endpins.