John Hay Enterprises LLC

Yin Yang Bridge Adjusters


Bass bridge adjusters, for a long time, haven’t had any updates. The old-style has a wheel that threads down on one side and while it technically worked, it never worked well.  Many times it is near impossible to turn and adjust and the brass options rob the bass of its sound with their heavy weight. This changes now!

The Yin Yang Bridge Adjuster features two threaded sides that provide a more direct vibration transmission between the upper and lower halves of the bridge. This creates a purer sound.  Additionally, standard aluminum bridge adjusters weigh about 15 gms each, but Yin Yang Bridge Adjusters weigh in at just 5.6 gms – more than twice as light – increasing your sound even more.

Ideal for players with removable neck basses

Tired of adjustable bridges coming apart with every setup and tear down? The Yin Yang Bridge Adjuster is exactly what you need; it keeps your bridge from coming apart with innovative threading on both sides.