John Hay Enterprises LLC

Convert-A-Tom Drum Stand (CATom)


As featured in our YouTube video (over 60,000 views!)

The CATom drum stand allows you to use your 16” floor tom as your bass drum. There are many reasons to want to do this:

  • More intimate sound for smaller combos
  • Makes travel much easier
  • Smaller venues (coffee houses, apartments, etc.)  call for smaller equipment
  • It gives progressive drummers more options overall


The setup is very easy and requires NO TOOLS and NO MODIFICATIONS to your drum. The CATom is made of the best Baltic birch plywood.  Its proven it’s endurance since its invention in 1993! The CATom can work with 14” and 18” drums as well.  It’s a snap to put together and tear down. You can also leave your CATom together on your drum and travel with the whole assembly connected.

NEW!  The CATom Flying Wing!  With the Flying Wing you can adjust the stock CATom to fit virtually any 14”  drum— even a snare!!!